Fragrance Oils for Diffusers, Warmers, & Candlemaking

FP Fragrance Oils are Strong UnCut Fragrance Oils.

Tart Warmer use Instructions:  To use fill your warmer bowl with water 1/2-3/4 full and add approx. 9 drops of oil, check your water often for evaporation and the need to redo the process.

  These oils can be used in candlemaking. If using in Diffusers a carrier may need to be added (i.e. water)- follow your diffusers directions, our oils are Pure Uncut Oils. Fragrance Oils can be used in place of Essential Oils.

This Oil is not a perfume and should not be used on the skin or in bath & body products.

Keep Away from Children & Pets, Use in Well Ventilated Area & Protect Skin with use. Do Not Consume.

Fragrance Oils may come in contact with candle wax and color in our facility.

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